Some of the letters we have received over the years.
Good or bad we like to hear from you.
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Dear Jim

I have purchased one of your Christmas tree stands and yesterday I put the tree up, or rather
my 15 year old grandson put it up. You have an ELEGANT product.

First let me tell you that I have two Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and I'm retired from Lockheed Martin with 35 years experience designing and producing tactical missile systems.

I know an elegant design when I see one. By definition, an elegant design is one that is characterized by scientific precision, neatness and simplicity. In practice, it must also operate reliably, be rugged, and easy to use. Your tree stand possesses all these characteristics and
I think, is far better, then stands that cost a good deal more.

I appreciate your product, it is everything your web-site said it was and I would have no problem recommending it to anyone.

R.B. from Florida 12/6/99

Dear Jim,

It took 2 minutes to open the box, 5 minutes to put the stand together and 5 minutes to put
the tree up! It was amazingly easy! My blood pressure did not go up and I did not lose my
religion over getting the Christmas tree up!
Thanks for the great product!

Father. Ron H. -- Orlando, Florida -- 2000

Hey Jim and Barb

Just wanted to tell you thanks for the grrrreaaat service and such a neat product. We received
the stand Wednesday, and I put the tree up that evening. This is Thursday, and Joan is now
adding the ornaments. The stand is certainly everything you say it is!!!

We have been in business most of our married life, and I am interested to know how your
business is growing and how have you grown it? The newspaper articles have piqued my interest.
I always love to see good old American ingenuity at work. Anyway, congratulations on
producing a top notch product.

Thanks Again

Jim T. 2000
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I must tell you that your tree stand made Christmas much more enjoyable then I can remember in a long time. My family loves to get a bigger tree each year and my Masters Degree in Engineering was being tested each Christmas to come up with new ways to support our tree with wires, braces and skyhooks.

Your stand was installed in a few minutes outside, the tree and stand carried in and we just stood
it up. Final adjustments to rotate the tree and level it were a snap! No wires! No shims!

Thanks for restoring my Christmas Cheer!

A. K,- P.E.
Engineering Inc.
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