Top 5 Christmas Tree Stands
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Written BY Coral Nafie -- Your Guide to Interior Decorating.
What's not to love about Christmas?
Except the task of putting your fresh-cut tree into your Christmas tree stand?
This is usually an awkward and clumsy job. But we've found some Christmas tree stands that take the frustration out of putting up your tree. 
Read here for our top choices for Christmas tree stands.
1) Grinnen's Last Stand
This well-made stand is our favorite. Using a strap and ratchet system, it holds the tree straight. The large water tank is easy to fill and can be removed before you take the tree down. It's sturdy base
is 30 inches across and flat to the floor. You might need to cover the water pan with a board so your tree skirt won't get wet. Its simple design makes it a bargain.
2) Krinner Christmas Tree Stand
A foot pedal that adjusts the clamp and claw system makes tree installation easy. This German-made tree stand holds trees up to
9 feet high with trunks up to 7 inches in diameter. The stand's base holds up to 1 and 1/2 gallons of water, making refilling easier.
3) Bowling's Last Stand
The simple design seems too good to be true. This stand is made in red all-steel construction. The manufacturers say that their T-bolts are easier to turn than traditional stand screws. This style of Christmas tree stand is available in 4 sizes for fresh trees from 6' to 20'!
The larger sizes are expensive, but it's not easy to find a stand
that will hold a 20' tree You can order by email and a check.
4) Standtastic™ Christmas Tree Stand
An angle bracket and two stainless steel band clamps hold your Christmas tree in place. A unique feature of this Christmas tree stand is that the 2004 Standtastic™ has 2 Christmas Tree I-V tubes included. You do not have to place the stand over a water container. The website has detailed instructions and illustrations.
5) Safe-T-Stand
This heavy-duty Safe-T-Stand is sturdy, topple-proof and leak- proof. It's steel construction lets this tree stand hold trees up to 15 feet tall, safely and securely, for only $45.00 plus shipping. The downside of this stand is that its small water reservoir needs to be filled frequently.
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